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We’re glad you stopped by! Are you curious about AAF-San Angelo? AAF connects you with the local and national advertising and marketing community and provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow professionals in your industry. As a member, you’ll be able to participate in relevant events that will directly link you to a valuable knowledge network you won’t have access to anywhere else. Rest assured that we aim to continually educate our members on current trends and keep you up-to-date on growth and transformations in the advertising field. As fellow ad professionals, we also want to acknowledge that you are a valuable resource to your peers. Becoming a member of AAF will motivate you to strive for greatness, inspire you to display your hard work and talents, and recognize your creative excellence in the art of advertising.

Join us Wednesday, September 16th at 11:45am for our first 2015-2016 Membership Luncheon! We'll be changing things up this year and will be holding our luncheons at the new Pearl on the Concho Hotel, located at 333 Rio Concho Drive. Lunch will be served by the new restaurant inside the hotel, 333. We are so excited to share all of the new things to come this year, and hope you will join us!

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